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5 of the best trends you need to know for your trade show stand

Posted By Andrew Nicholls  
14:00 PM

How to give your consumers what they want in a competitive market 



Think of yourself as a consumer. You’re at a business expo, and you walk into the exhibitor’s hall. It’s noisy, it’s crowded, and there are so many exhibitors all begging for your attention. 


But what catches your eye? 


Is it the plain looking stand scattered in brochures and a keen salesperson ready to pounce on you? Probably not! 


Let’s have a look at what makes a stand-out trade show stand that will capture attention.


5 ways to create a stand-out trade show stand


1. Get creative with textures and designs


Gone are the days of plain geometric shapes and clean, white graphics all blending in together at trade show stands. What we see more and more of is the use of industrial textures and elements which are adding to the ‘wow’ effect. 

Standholders are now incorporating materials such as wood and metallic textures which are branded with logos and company slogans. 


And for companies who sell these products, it’s showcasing their product. For example, roller door manufacturers can use a mock-up branded roller door to capture attention. 


2. Bring a consumer into your world using Virtual Reality (VR) 


Virtual reality was one of the top 5 emerging trends last year, and its popularity is booming, especially with the millennial crowd. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to set up with options ranging from Google Cardboard to Samsung Gear VR. 


Consumers love the interaction, and VR is how you can bring your customer straight into your world to show them your product. Try giving Facebook 360 photos a go. 


By using photos of your products, manufacturing plant, office or even your staff, viewers are taken straight to the heart of your brand and company. You can also get creative with videos to make memorable brand experiences for your audience. 


3. ‘Hey Siri, Hey Alexa’ – leverage the Artificial Intelligence (AI) trend 


If you haven’t asked Siri or Alexa a question (even if it’s out of fun to see how she responds), you’re not living in this century! AI devices are a great way for you to give your stand the wow-factor. These devices can process, analyse and present data faster than us mere humans. 


Using AI, you’ll be able to qualify the potential lead by cross-checking their profile with your database of buyer personas and sales history. For example, you’ll be able to monitor the questions they ask and use this data to direct them to products perfectly suited to their needs. 


Although AI will never replace staff manning a stand (because human interaction is vital), it can be used to make your stand more efficient and capture details of customers when you’re tied up talking to others. 


4. If you don’t lose your voice, you haven’t spoken to enough customers


Although VR and AI are loads of fun and a great way to make your stand interactive, they should never replace human interaction. Take along your best ‘sales charmer’ who’s got a knack for talking to people. Use props like digital games (which easily collect lead information) and draw people in to play. 


You can also use non-digital games and contents, such as golf putting greens and prize wheels. It’s a bit like going to a carnival where they suck you in to play their games in return for a dodgy looking teddy bear. It’s the sales game and that ‘guaranteed’ prize that sucks us in. And when you see others walking around with those massive teddies, you want one! Giveaways are a great way to boost your traffic and engagement. 


5. Set your stand up like a storefront 


Your marketing is everything, and brand consistency is a must. Many standholders have been taking their stand to the next level by setting it up to look like their store. It’s an instantly recognisable, or eye-catchy way to draw in customers. Not only is it unique to you, but it stands out in a crowded exhibition stand. 


And if you don’t have a store, you can still set your stand up as something relatable to your product and customers. For example, a crop grower at a biotechnology trade show set their stand up like a coffee shop. It sparked conversations from curious customers who were drawn to the unique look and smell of the booth. It’s then they could break out into their spiel about their prop company. 


What trade stand trends appeal to you?


If you’re thinking about using some of the latest trade stand trends, first make sure you know what your end goal is. What trends will your ideal customers relate to? Focus on the trends which will have the greatest impact on your audience while helping you achieve your end goals. 


If you want advice on what will work for your company or need a hand to create your stand, contact Nimlok today to see how we can help you get the exhibiting edge over your competitors. 



Andrew Nicholls | Business Development / Account Manager | andrew.nicholls@nimlok.com.au | +61 2 9642 8222