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7 things you need to know to create a profitable exhibition stand

Posted By Andrew Nicholls  
13:00 PM

Save money and boost your results

There’s no doubt that showcasing your business at events is a great way to gain exposure. It not only puts you in front of potential customers but if done right can position you as the expert in your field.


If you’re considering booking an exhibition stand, here are our top 7 tips to help you save money and boost your results.

7 things all exhibitors need to know (before you book a stand)

1. Book your exhibition stand early


Most events will offer ‘early-bird’ discounts to businesses who book well ahead of time. It’ll not only save you some money on booking the stand but will help you get a great stand location before your competitors do. It’ll also buy you time to find the best suppliers and deals on any promotional items you need.


If you need to travel to the event, booking early also allows you to get great rates on travel (jump online when the airlines advertise a sale) and accommodation (before the local hotels get wind of the event and jack up their prices!).


2. When it comes to an exhibition stand, size doesn’t matter


Some people believe you need to have the biggest stand to get noticed. Wrong! When you choose a smaller area, you’ll free up money to invest in attracting attention to your stand. Think tall and look up – using that space above your stand. Create some hanging banners to draw the attention of customers from across the hall, not just those standing in front of you.


3. Less clutter, more conversation


A common exhibitor mistake is to try and showcase every product you offer, laying out all the literature you’ve ever created and littering your stand with clutter. It will make your stand look like ‘hard work’, and customers are likely to keep walking.


Instead of clutter, use eye-catching graphics, educational engagement tools, animations or videos of your product in action. Your customers are ALWAYS thinking, ‘What’s in it for me’, so make sure what you do, and the benefits to your customers are clear.


Be present to answer any questions and talk to your customers rather than letting them pick up a brochure and walk away without interaction.


4. Get to know the event organiser


The event organiser can be a great source of additional promotion for your business. If you show interest in their event, they’ll show interest in your business. Make sure you give them detailed company information, images and case studies they can use for your online exhibitor profile.


And be social! Make sure you use the event’s hashtag or twitter handle to connect with their audience. Let them know you’re going to be there and to ‘visit you’. You may even wish to book a speaker slot (if available) to increase awareness of your presence and position you as the expert in your industry.


5. Invest in engagement tools you can use after the event


Digital brochures and portfolios, bespoke games and apps are a stand-out way to get attention at your exhibition stand. Yes, they will add costs to your budget, but they’re designed to engage visitors to your stand, boosting your chances of gaining new customers and making sales.


Get further value from this investment by using them after the event. Install the engagement tools in your showroom or reception area and put them on your website to educate and engage new prospects.


6. Add a silent salesperson to your team


All events will have peak times where you’ll feel a tad swamped – break times, in between speakers, a designated ‘exhibition hall’ time. However, many businesses can’t justify having more than one team member out of their office for the event. That’s where you need a ‘silent salesperson’.


Using graphic design or digital information kiosks can engage customers for long enough while you’re making your way from one person to the next. Make sure your digital kiosk showcases your digital portfolio and spells out the benefits you offer your customer. If you want to up your game, offer this in multiple languages to overcome barriers with any foreign speakers.


For long-term savings, create a stand with interchangeable graphic panels so as your business offerings change or evolve, so can your stand.


7. Create a bespoke look for your stand for less


If you’re only giving exhibiting a trial or you do it infrequently, you should consider hiring elements of your stand. It’s a great way to avoid fabrication and storage costs associated with customer built stands.


You can easily customise these hire elements and mix your stand with bespoke elements and branded graphics, so you’ll look just as professional as your counterparts.


Want to build a stand-out exhibition stand?

Our design team will work with you to create a theme and style of stand that perfectly matches your branding. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the exhibiting edge over your competitors.



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